Economic and Sustainable Home Decor

Economic and Sustainable Home Decor

Do you want to decorate your spaces with handmade pieces? Oftentimes, we find ourselves seeking ways to change our homes to breathe in a new space and feel comfortable. Handmade products are an excellent option. With these, we can achieve a classic, elegant, and fresh style. 

Here are four ideas to encourage you to use handmade art in your next decorations.

Pieces of handmade decoration that definitely give an elegant and natural touch to any space include the lamps and the placemats for the table. Ochabe has a variety of lamps and placements available, hand-woven with the iraca palm by young artisans. These decorative pieces not only elevate the look and feel of your home while subtly including the art of Colombian ancestral legacy.

A good way to hang your plants, accessories, or any object, are the macramé woven pendants. This weaving technique, based on joining knots, has a long history and still has a modernized presence in things such as curtains or hammocks. 

Another essential decorative piece for any space is the mirror. You can decorate them with frames woven in iraca palm or other natural fibers. Ochabe can help you in this process, guiding you to choose the right natural fibers according to the design you want.

Let your creativity flow and get inspired constantly with accounts on social networks of 'home deco' or on pinterest on sustainable decorating trends. You will find many ideas that will motivate you to change your spaces while being environmentally friendly.

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