About the Artist

Learn more about Ana Maria, the Artist and the community of weavers who together make Ochabe a reality.

  • Our Essence

    Ochabe is deeply connected to the hearts and efforts of the community. Ana Maria (The Founder) collaborates with artisans to support community, tradition, and the emphasize the power of women. Ochabe partners with Colombian artisan women belonging to vulnerable areas, supporting their livelihood while preserving the technique of iraca palm weaving through the creation of handcrafted one of a kind fashion accessories for companies and individuals.

  • The Origin

    Our story is born is in Usiacurí, Atlántico, Colombia: a magical town where my grandmother and great-grandmother were born and grew to become renowned artisans of this beautiful community. (Ana Maria, Founder).

  • Weaving History

    We design and create ethically handcrafted fashion accessories for conscious businesses and customers.

    We are Ochabe: a woman owned and Colombian business born from the inspiration of Grandmother ‘Ocha’ and great grandmother ‘Machabe’, two women of indigenous ancestry that maintained and passed down the artisan weaving practiced by the people of Usiacuri.

    Our products are handmade using the natural fibers of the Iraca palm, and every product we make preserves the ancestral techniques handed down to us from the weaving community of Usiacuri, Colombia. 

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