Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fashion

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fashion

According to the "Pulse of the Fashion Industry Update in 2019" The "pulse score" showed how the fashion industry improved socially and environmentally last year. Unfortunately, progress was slower compared to the previous year. Despite this, the fashion industry is still far from sustainable, as many companies are not implementing the appropriate solutions that counteract the enormous social and environmental impact.

As lovers of sustainability, it is important that Ochabe stays on our toes when it comes to alternatives in order to contribute to conscious product consumption. 

Here are some tips to have a conscious consumption when buying fashion items:

Support Local Stores

Always choose to buy from local brands. Doing so allows you to contribute to the economy of your city or your country. Surely with this, you will support families who work under decent working conditions.

Be Mindful When Shopping

Think, do you really need that garment? Will you put it to good use or will it be kept in your closet for a long time? Do you know approximately how long that garment will last? Before buying, think twice if it is a smart and necessary purchase. We encourage you to review the materials of the article before purchasing it with the consideration of durability and longevity. 

Take Care of Your Clothes

Buy less, but of better quality. Put your clothes to good use and you will see that they will last much longer. It is not necessary that you only have to buy new clothes, you can also buy clothes in some brands that sell very good quality second-hand clothes.

Say NO to Fast Fashion

No more fast fashion. That is, buy clothes frequently and at low cost to keep up with trends. If some of your favorite brands use the philosophy of ‘produce, produce and produce’, surely they exploit labor in production processes and use highly polluting materials in their garments. We invite you to review if your favorite brands have the harmful philosophy of fast fashion.

Support Sustainable Brands

Support brands that have a high sense of social responsibility and sustainability. By purchasing a product from them you are helping the environment. Opt for artisanal and products made with sustainable materials. By purchasing these beautiful items you are also contributing to the preservation of a beautiful cultural tradition of a community. You can find sustainable brands by researching about the materials they use in their products, innovation in production processes, and the social sense with their workers or the extracurricular activities they carry out to counteract consumption. An example may be if a company works to clean beaches or plant trees. Sustainability covers several areas -  if you focus on one to begin with, you can take a step forward to contributing to responsible consumption. 

We hope that these tips will guide you and consider your habits as a consumer. It is everyone's job to be friendly with the environment, we must take care of our main source of life: our planet!

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